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Rotary vane pumps do not operate as deep as the diaphragm and piston pumps — maximum operating depth is 18'. The ¼ HP model pumps 4.5 CFM of air compared to 1.5 CFM with the ¼ HP piston compressor. This larger volume of air will increase circulation and oxygen levels for faster cleaning of the pond's bottom. The ¼ HP rotary vane kit is recommended for ponds from one to two acres, but it is often used in ponds less than 1 acre if high fish population, exceptionally poor water conditions or heavy nutrient buildup exists. The ¾ HP models are recommended for ponds two to four acres, while the 1 HP is used in ponds larger than three acres.  
¼ HP HIGH VOLUME ROTARY VANE COMPRESSOR KIT (ponds up to 2 acres) Produces 4.5 CFM of air and draws 5 amps (@ 115v). Aerates up to: 1/2 acre 5' - 8' deep, 1 acre 8' - 12' deep or 2 acres 12' - 18' deep.
Kit Includes:
air compressor
valved outlets (to control air flow between diffusers)
200' tubing
two dual membrane air diffusers with hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel
fittings and clamps
PA50W replaces poly tubing with 200' of weighted tubing
Pond Aerator

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